You Can Make Your Own Magic

Christmas is getting pretty close but unfortunately, there is barely any “Christmas cheer” in the air. It’s not unwarranted as 2020 has been the ghettooooooo. COVID has wreaked unimaginable havoc across the globe, killing millions of people and affecting the entire planet. Every single person in the world has felt and is still feeling some effect of the virus as we try to figure out how to keep ourselves safe and continue to provide for ourselves and our dependents as the world has changed. 

Apart from the immediate and long term health risks faced by millions of people, a huge fallout of the pandemic has been social and economic unrest. I think everyone being forced to stay home and rely on social services meant that we were all able to see just how shitty a lot of our governments are, especially within third world countries. The gaping holes in safety nets were made evident, and there was IMMENSE anger; more protests and heightened insecurity. Then there were job losses. Millions of breadwinners; from top executives to daily labourers lost their source of income and charitable organisations including religious organisations received way less than they normally would. On top of all of this, women have been hit particularly hard. Reports on increased domestic abuse and gender-based violence as well as increased burdens on working mums (who now also have to keep up with their kids’ e-learning) have been heartbreaking to read. 

Basically, there has been very little to smile about this year. It’s been hard and painful and has really had me thinking, particularly over the last few days, about what I am in control of, and what I can do to create happiness for myself. But let me set some context first. 

When I was a child, it seems like excitement was always around the corner. My favourite tv programmes, new books, play dates, extracurricular activities, birthday parties, and trips seemed to be a constant presence in my life. Holidays seemed even better with more activities, however as I’ve gotten older, it seems like my life is less… interesting, and other than figuring out how to make a living, I have spent a silly amount of time wondering when things get more exciting. Also, like very many people, my childhood is remembered by me as an idyllic series of events, and to some extent, I have been trying to get that feeling back.

Now we can get to the gist of this actual blog post (hopefully I have’t lost you guys). I realised that those memories and that excitement, was only possible because my parents stayed on job. I had all of that excitement and fun because my parents were invested in making sure I had fun, and more importantly, tired me out. They needed me to be too worn out at the end of the say to stress them with childish exuberance. Now as an adult, that falls to me. Like a regular olojukokoro (greedy guts), I started thinking of major things that require immense capital; international travel, new wardrobe, etc. Lol. Nonsense.

I am now encouraging myself to create excitement and whimsy, and joy in my life by simply doing the groundwork. Very few things just “happen” you know. Life is not a movie and excitement takes work, Plan hangouts with friends, at places you don’t go to every single time. Plan the Christmas get together; create the spreadsheet organising who is bringing what meal or drinks, organise the games and movies to watch, and create the music playlist. Get intentional about having new experiences, talking to different people, and save towards the “big amazing thing”. It could be a staycation or a trip to a different state or county nearby via night bus. If you don’t decide to do it, the likelihood of something fantastic happening is slim to none dears. Again please don’t laugh but my mind was honestly blown when I realised all the amazing memories I have only happened because my parents were doing all the heavy lifting. So now it falls to me. Honestly, the more I write on this blog, the more work I seem to find for myself to do. For someone who claims to be lazy, I seem to keep finding more work for myself.

Anyway guys, so that’s it. If you want magic, surprise and excitement, you’re going to have to create it. Disappointing dears, but true. So I wish you the best of luck as we all try to create whimsy and excitement in our lives (well, if that’s what you’re looking for, nothing is by force dears). You cannot control a great many things but the things you can, you should.

Do you worry your life is boring? If you were to create whimsy or excitement in your life what would that look like to you – budget friendly and budget notwithstanding. 


  • Eunice

    "If you want magic, surprise and excitement, you’re going to have to create it." You have to put E for effort o. Even enjoyment won't just fall on your laps like that.

  • Elyon

    Tough :( we have to still plan fun again 😂💔 Lol I know for a fact that holidays help with my excitement.

  • Shalewarh

    Yes. I worry my life is boring but with time I have come to realize that it's money that is stopping me. Budget friendly excitement; go on a date with my girls. Budget notwithstanding; Take a lone trip to BoraBora🤗🤗

  • Baby girl

    ‘Budget friendly & Budget notwithstanding’ Thanks for always Jollz xx

  • Nneoma Edeh

    This is a wake up call for me. I keep waiting for excitement to find me, but I have to make my own excitement and go all out for what I want. Thank you Jollz

  • Tee

    I've been considering this for a while though I often console myself with the fact that I'm better indoors with my comforts (books and food). I'll definitely try something (budget-friendly and budget notwithstanding) out before the year runs out.

  • Ebuka Molokwu

    Thank you for this Jola

  • chids

    Yesss!! I'm really looking forward to being intentional about making Christmas magical this year. Even though I'm far away from family, I'm going to be happy and enjoy the rest of this year.

  • Oreoluwa Eunice

    Really like this article. I've been thinking about this and I really would just go ahead to plan fun stuff for myself and possibly, include friends. Thanks for this!

  • Oyin

    This is so relatable. Just trying to get to that place of enjoyment sef is frustrating. Adulthood is so ghetto but it falls back on just trying at the end of the day. Really looking forward to spoiling myself silly this Christmas. Thank you for this Jollz

  • Baby Sugar Bun💛

    Thanks so much for this Jola. I just opened a spreadsheet. I’m starting the planning now!

  • Flora

    Women mostly are the ones with boring adult lifestyle, thou this post isn't gender based. I mean, married with kids and the normal expectation of our culture. For men, with late night keeping and clubbing couldn't be bothered. This post reminds me to be intentional about my life, thanks Jollz

  • Nonye

    I can't plan any damn thing until I get the hell out of this house. Big shout out to ASUU

  • Bayo

    Way ahead of you Jolz. Last week on the whim we just upped from Ikeja to Oniru with little or no money. Got stuck in traffic, someone even got dizzy from being tossed around 😂😂😂. But we had mad fun.

  • Shalom

    I have been in a sad and tired bubble. This year has been ‘a bad boy’🥴. I traveled with a friend earlier this month and it made me more enthusiastic about future trips. Next one is in December😊. I realized, ‘problem no dey finish’’. I have decided to live a little while I’m still alive. Thank you for this post, Jola.

  • Tife

    Thanks for this article. Off to create magic, surprise, and excitement for myself this holiday

  • Jayjay

    It's funny how the universe keeps bringing things into the forefront for me about my life being boring. 😂😂. Coincidentally everything have read from yesterday till this moment have touched on boredom, laziness and starting to get stuff done. Thanks for this Jola.

  • Mariee

    So for the longest time(if not my entire adult life), Christmas has been a sad event or story. It has always felt like i live in a cage of my family's making but I've planned something different this year.This year, I'm going to go to my favourite eatery and eat my favourite snacks( cheese burgers) and ice-cream. For some, that may be an ordinary thing, but for me it's a huge feat. I'm going to create magic in my little way and stay happy.

  • JO

    Did this over the weekend. But I plan to make my Christmas magical✨

  • Peace

    You’re so right..excitement doesn’t actually find you,there’s need to be intentional about it but it’s so stressful aaaaarghhh...This growing up thing ehhnn it doesn’t come with a blue print

  • Sumbo

    I also linger on my Childhoods memory a lot, it was more fun back there because it wasn‘t me doing all the planning all I needed to do was get dressed, eat food & dance - Adulthood is a big SCAM. I‘ll do some traveling which is the only thing I‘m planning.

  • Hope

    This has been the worst thing for me about 2020. My typical year starts with the excitement of vacation planning, the joy of the countdown and then the vacation by Q3 with memories to thrill for the rest of the time before December. Queue an extremely difficult pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood a few years back, and the vacations were out in hold for the usual adjustments... 2020 was the year we were supposed to go back to bliss, but here we are. We thank God for everything. Let the magic making begin!

  • Dou Dou

    What do you mean we have to plan our own fun and do all the heavy lifting, this adulting is really in the dustbin.

  • Ayo

    This is the sign I've been looking for 😂 Time to plan a games night 💃💃

  • Tosin

    Thank you for this post. I've just really been letting my life pass me by and not doing anything to infuse some element of fun into it I'll do my much as covid can allow

  • Emmanuella U

    "If you want magic, surprise and excitement, you're going to have to create it. " Sending this post to my girlfriends as a sub.

  • Ije

    “If you want magic, surprise and excitement, you’re going to have to create it.” Thanks for this reminder, Jollz!

  • Jennifer

    This is something i have just realized. You have to romanticize your life and create the excitement you want. Thanks for the reminder Jolla❤

  • Crowchay

    This year has been a reminder that my life us really boring 😹. I promise to have fun before the end of this year sha no matter what it takes. Who knows fun places in ilorin ooo. Help a noise maker

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