Ladies, Let’s Talk About 2020

2020 has been a weird year (at best), and many of us have suffered unexpected, terrible lows. Some of us, have also found ways to thrive or gotten unexpected opportunities. Either way, the year did not go as planned for anyone, and in true women’s fashion, we need to talk about it!

My friends Damilola Odufuwa & Odun Eweniyi, the founders of Wine & Whine, have invited me to be a speaker at a whining session! I am super excited to join some of our other friends (and all of you) in our “Ask Me Anything: 2020 Rewind” on Sunday Dec 13th at 6:30 pm Nigerian time.

We will be talking about a lot of things; what you’ve learned, what made you happy, what has hurt, and what has brought you joy! How do you feel? What has affected you the most the year? Are there any major questions you have?

Please join us by signing up here! Can’t wait to see you (and your wine)

*This space is just for women, so if you’re a guy just keep walking.


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