Introducing “Sunday Service”

I won’t be dramatic and lie been thinking about this for 5 years, or 10 years (although that makes for a better story) but I have had this on my mind for a little while. If you didn’t know, I grew up a Pastor’s kid, and that comes with a lot of “stuff”. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad, in fact in my case, when I look at it “big picture”, it was mostly amazing. I maintain that there was way too much time spent doing church activities but I had some fun. It’s where I found out I could sing and act and developed a ridiculous sense of humour. 

Faith and religious rituals have been a huge part of my life and figuring out the type of person I want to be and what role it plays in my life has proven well… complex. That said, I have had (and still have) lot’s of questions, observations, and “takes” that have had nowhere to go until I remembered that I in my wisdom, started a blog. 

So, Sunday service is here. On certain Sundays, there will be a faith-based-ish blog post. No, I am not a theologian or a pastor, and no it will not be a sermon. It will just be my thoughts or observation on a biblical story, or church cultures and rituals. As an individual, I tend to be irreverent, and that the subject matter is often treated as precious does not mean I will treat it as such. Many things will be funny and silly, some will be sad, and most will be absurd. But I think you will enjoy all of it, because that’s what we do here, enjoy ourselves! 

So see you next week for the first post on Sunday Service, and I really do hope you have enjoyed today. 


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