Our February Book Pick is…

What’s up guys! I hope you’re doing well and have been able to get your year and reading off to a great start. I want to thank every single person who showed up for our discussion on “A Broken People’s Playlist” on the 26th of January. It’s always so exciting to meet and talk to you, and I really don’t take it for granted. 

Now before I get too soppy, I am very excited to announce this month’s read, “Transcendent Kingdom” by Yaa Gyasi. It’s the story of Gifty, a 5th-year PhD candidate at Stanford School of Medicine studying reward-seeking behaviour in mice and the neural circuits of addiction and depression. She is still grieving over the loss of her brother, Nana, who died of drug addiction and struggles to deal with her suicidal mother. She hopes to find within a science, an explanation for the struggles and suffering she is surrounded by. It is a story about faith, religion, grief, and the immigrant experience, exploring love, loss, and the demands of family. 

I am really looking forward to discussing this book with you all, and I am happy to announce that this time we will be using Zoom or Google meets on the 25th of February for our virtual book club discussion. IG Live was a bit cumbersome and Clubhouse was just way too exclusionary. More specific details will be shared closer to the date. 

If you would like to get the book I have attached links below.

Within Nigeria, Roving Heights has copies available for delivery .

If you’re outside Nigeria, follow this Amazon link!  

Happy reading! 


  • Ọmọlàbákẹ́

    Yayyyy!! I'm so happy we would be using Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Ọmọlàbákẹ́

    I have read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and it was such a lovely read. So I'm looking forward to having a swell time reading this as well.

    • Roudiyah

      This is really something to look forward to at the end of the month.....Valentine babyyyyyyyyy ohhh and can you do some worthy mentions in the spirit of the season

  • Shalewarh

    Finally, I'll be part of the discussion 💃💃💃💃

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