Welcome To February

It’s a brand new month! 

A friend of mine, Dami pointed out that this year, February has 28 days and starts on a Monday, making it ultra perfect to try a few challenges. Of course, that has given me the ginger to try again with my “post every day of the month” thing that didn’t exactly go so well in December. So yes, I will be trying to create a piece of content for Happy Noisemaker every single day! I was thinking of adding a workout challenge and “friendship” challenge as well but we will see!

There is a bunch of stuff to look forward to this month, and I am so keen for you all to enjoyyyyy my ramblings! I do want to know what you would love to see, so it really is stuff you are more excited to see in your inbox! I am currently compiling a few different lists of “Valentines Day Presents”, ranging from “We’re not that deep but I should give you something for Valentine’s Day”  to “It’s the thought that counts”. I’m also going to have a few more fashion type posts. You guys will cry laughing when you see some of my attempts at posing while trying to make fetch happen! 

Anyway yes, as usual, what exactly are you looking forward to this month? Are you doing any challenges, shooting your shots with new jobs, friendships or relationships? You know I love hearing from you! 


  • Shalewarh

    Happy New Month Jola🤗🤗🤗 Technically, my 2021 just started because I just got hold of myself and tried something new instead of wallowing in the sadness Nigeria has caused me. So I shot a job shot but I didn't get it. (My second L of the year😂). I also just started taking Fashion designing lessons.

  • Crowchay

    I'm looking forward to crocheting colourful and beautiful outfits and to set up my Instagram business page. I just always find knowing what to post hard and paying a social media manager is making my chest to cut

  • Elyon

    Happy new monthhhh. I feel January was long (it always is) because i felt every single day of that month, but i also feel like February came by too fast lol. I'm trying to go back to perfecting my French this month with Duolingo but we'll see how that goes. I should also try shooting some friendship shots but idk; maybe also try working out in the morning. lol yeah right. Anyway, i'm excited to see you succeed at your challenge this month and i'll just live through you and your amazing discipline!

  • D3msss

    Happy February!! And welcome back lol😂. Personally, I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to in February, but for this year I'm working on my own blog too so we'll see how that goes. I'm also looking forward to getting some type of job this year and gaining valuable experience wherever I can. Please do quick and open ISWIS again, I've been waiting for the bounce for too long.

  • Amarca

    Happy new month jollz. This month is going to be really stressful for me because exams are almost here and we still have classes ongoing( I'm one of those ASUU kept at home). But I really look forward to relieving my stress by reading your posts. Have a wonderful February

  • Pearl

    I noticed the same thing about the February calender and for some reason it I love it lol. Just going to be doing the doings this month. This life, I can't kee myself x

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