The Happy Noisemaker Book Club March Pick

Once again, I need to thank every single one of you who made it to the last book club meeting on the 25th of February with a day’s notice. I had an amazing time and hope you all did too. I am so glad to see the growth of our community and really am excited to see it keep growing because I have MANY plans. 

Our book of the month is “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett

It’s the story of twin sisters, Stella and Desiree who are born in a small town in the deep south. As time goes on, they escape from their small, frustrated lives, but one sister chooses to “pass”, living as a white woman and marrying a man unaware of her true identity. The book follows their lives and those of their descendants. It’s not just a story about race; but about family, friendship, trust, the bonds of sisterhood, and the ways in which many never really leave the past behind. 

If you are a reader in Nigeria, you can order the book from Roving Heights and have it delivered right to your door.  

Here is the amazon link for everyone else who can access the book 

We will be discussing the book on the 25th of March at 7 pm WAT and here is the Zoom link!

Make sure you make a note of it in your calendar and tell your friends to tell their friends. 

See you soon, and happy reading 


  • A.J

    Added to library and ready to read 💃🏻. I must join the discussion this month.

  • Omolabake


  • Shalewarh

    Tho I was lazy to finish the last one, I must meet up this time😩😩

  • Olive Godswill

    Oops, I'm just seeing sad I missed this there a way I can get notifications before the book club meetings?

  • Ijeoma

    Wow,i'm glad to be here1🤩

  • Omolabake

    Just curious, was anyone able to attend the Zoom discussion today? I tried joining in a couple of times but it just kept telling me the host was in another meeting, and so I was unable to get in.😭😭😭

  • Asantewah

    Definitely going to start this book tonight

  • Olorunfunmi Seyi-Bello

    Wow! I'm so excited to be here💃

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