The brainchild of Jola Ayeye, Happy Noisemaker is a social commentary, humour and lifestyle blog. It’s a joyful corner of the internet, housing articles, a book club, a burgeoning writers launchpad and ecosystem, and lots of recommendations. The goal is to create amazing content that sparks joy and encourages conversations.

Meet our Class Captain & Chief Noisemaker

Hi, I'm Jola, but you can call me Jollz. I am a screenwriter and co own Salt and Truth, a production company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I also co host “I Said What I Said”, a hilarious social commentary and pop culture podcast (which you can find everywhere podcasts can be found) and run this fantastic blog.

I love food, books (clearly), working with & learning from women and creating content. I also consider myself funny, but that’s mostly because I crack herself up, however results vary when said humour is shared with others.

I am so excited to welcome you to my joyful corner of the Internet and I hope you find this to be a happy space!

with love,